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Liquid Rooter Bio

Liquid Rooter Bio is a natural enzymes that helps digest soap and grease in a drainage system. This product is great for septic tanks, leaching fields, drain lines and grease traps. It also works well with any reoccurring slow drains such as laundries, tub drains, kitchen sinks and floor drains.It can be used as a preventive maintenance product or on slow drains. Liquid rooter bio is not recommended for seriously clogged drains because of its slower more natural process of digesting soap and grease. Liquid rooter Bio is safe for all plumbing systems.
This product sells for $26.00 and is applicable for both residential and commercial.

Liquid Snake
"To The Rescue" is our super-strength drain opener. This product is our super strength drain opener. Liquid Snake can quickly resolve your drainage problems and is also a great tool for preventive maintenance. If you have a clogged or slow kitchen, laundry,grease line or leaching field try our Liquid Snake product. This product is a caustic solvent and proper handling is always recommended. Liquid snake can be used in residential or commercial.

Commercial Vegetative Bacteria

Commercial accounts such as restaurants and food establishments with grease-related issues should not be without our all-natural, fast-acting, live bacteria culture. Add directly to your great trap or drain line, you are guaranteed to cut your pumping, drain cleaning and foul odor issues in half or more.
This product conveniently mounts on may wall and automatically treats your system by adding small, frequent timed doses of bacteria. This product is strictly for our commercial accounts and sells for up to $150.00 per month per treatment.