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Drain cleaning:   

Rooter man offers a full line of drain and sewer cleaning.  We  use  electric snakes to clear most clogged drains for  residential or commercial properties. For those difficult blockages Rooter man can high pressure water jet your drain lines. 

  • Blocked drains in your home can be caused by tree roots in the main line, a back pitched pipe, years of usage without cleaning your pipes, a sag or dip in the piping or just over usage..
  • Blocked drain in a commercial location normally occur from heavy usage. Restaurants can often have to deal with grease entering the drain. Some commercial buildings have long runs of piping which can be susceptive to clogging.
  • In both residential and commercial the new low volume toilets have increased the amount of clogged main drains. 
  • Electric snaking is normally used for tree roots, paper blockages and most normal type of clogged drains. 
  • Water jetting is used for heavy grease blockages, storm drains and other very hard blockages.
  • Electric snaking is effective up to 150ft . Over 150ft water jetting is more effective to clear a drain.  
  • Camera inspections are also an effective way to determine what type of problem you may have. For those drains that continually back up or are difficult to unclog a camera is a good option. 
  • Our residential warranties average 6 months to 1 year. Our commercial warranties average 30 days to 6 months on most drains.
  • Rooter man can handle any type of blockage. Kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, main lines, laundry drains, showers, toilets, urinals, manholes, storm drains, leaching lines, bathroom sinks and any other type of drain inside or outside the building be it residential or commercial.
  • We offer preventive maintenance programs and discount pricing. Multi drain discounts along with senior discounts. 

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